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Festival of Poble Sec, a cabaret atmosphere

Festa major del Poble Sec is celebrated on july and it is the traditional festival of this neighborhood which, during the beginning of the 20th century, was considered as an entertainment area, full of cabarets, theaters and café-concerts.

Well, it is true also that this neighborhood was known as an industrial area but the word “party” ran in the blood of its citizens. During 1 week, it will celebrate its most important local festival with many activities not only for adults but also for kids.

First the balcony of houses will be decorated, each one with his own way to announce the “fiesta”.

In fact, it is a competition and the one, who will do the best, will be rewarded with a prize. Normally, it starts always on saturday around noon in front of the Molino theater with the dance of the giants and castellers (human castle), 2 of the most traditional acts in Catalonia. After that, I will invite you to walk on its streets and to discover its different squares because in each one, there are things to see and to participate, why not !!!

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For instance, to sing in karaoke, to enter in the domino tournament, to dance the sardana and for people who are shy, just go to the concerts, there is one each night or watch a movie in outdoor, in a relax style.

If you want, you can have a popular dinner with the neighbors. Of course, you will have to buy a ticket. Since there are not centralized, depending of the section you will be, you will have to go to the special selling point put in place for the occasion and it can be a shop, a stand, an art gallery…

And for people who want to know more about this neighborhood, they can do a tour organized especially during this festival. It is a good way to know its past during its happy period but also during its sad period like the one during the tragic week in 1909.

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So if you are here in july between the 15 and 22, don’t miss it. It starts on saturday and end on sunday so if you are coming in Barcelona during a year when the 17 is saturday, the festival of Poble Sec starts on 17 until next sunday. For more information, check out its official website (only catalan).