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Festival of Poblenou with its perpetual competitions and its popular foods

The festa major of Poblenou is your opportunity to challenge local people in one of the competitions that will be organized during this traditional festival but also to share foods with them in a popular lunch/dinner.

Poblenou was an old and most important industrial neighborhood of the city which, actually, is no more.

Buildings have been reconverted or destroyed in order to convert it in a technology area while keeping its old traditions and festivities.

A tournament of petanque, ping pong, bingo, photography, basketball, domino, painting and much more, in fact, there are for every age and in 1 week of

local party, you can try to win one at least !!!

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Celebrated in september just before the most important local festival of Barcelona called Mercè, you have to dance with local people the sardana, the traditional dance, to see how people build a tower with their body called casteller and go back at home with a particular souvenir, record a video of the correfoc, the parade of the demons.

In fact, if you miss those 3, you still have the chance to see them during the celebration of the local party, only if you will stay in the city during 2 weeks, if not, don’t miss this neighborhood festival.

Now let’s talk about food, everyone needs to eat but not every day, we have the possibility to share a lunch and/or a dinner with local people.

During the week, there are plenty of choices like a popular paella, the fiesta dinner, a barbecue… but the bad point is that some of them are done at the same time so you will have to choose.

Of course, there are other things for fun, a lot of concerts, exhibitions, balls… During the week, all activities start between 17h and 18h and during the weekend, they start around 9h. Especially, you have to see the firework that closes the festival done the last day at the bogatell beach.


If you are here between the 2nd saturday until the next sunday, go around the rambla de poblenou street, it is the heart of the Poblenou neighborhood and you will live a great experience. To get the full program, visit its official website (only catalan).