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PortAventura, the amusement with attractions

Port Aventura is a theme park near to Barcelona with many attractions for everyone to have fun until midnight ending with fireworks and water shows. Well, when I said for everyone, at least, if you go with your kids, they must be 1,10 meters tall minimum. If they are below, there are few things for them.

Going with friends, we opted to go by car by taking the quick and expensive way so we arrived in less than 1 hour but we paid around 15 euros of tolls plus the price of the parking. If you want to use the same road, get out of Barcelona by taking the highway C-32 then AP7, direction Tarragona, and at a moment, you will see the port aventura exit.

For other options to go there, read my topic Amusement/Theme parks of Barcelona.


As you know, in an amusement park, there are many people and this one doesn’t escape to the rule so when you make the line to buy your entrance, additionally, you can buy one of the express cards. This card (starting price around 25 euros) allows you to use the express line so doing the queue for attractions is very quick. If you don’t buy it, the normal line is very crowded and generally, there is at least 1h and sometimes more for the best attractions.

Once inside, map at hand and the waiting time screen in front of us, we decided our plan. The advantage to arrive at noon, it was that we had time to sleep but the disadvantage was that the best roller coasters had a queue of 1h30 !!!


The park is divided in 6 areas: far west, mexico, china, sesamoaventura, polynesia and mediterrania. Moreover, there is a section called Aquatic Park (only water games) but there is an additional cost if you want to get in.

So we did the ones with less waiting time as stampida, el diablo, hurakan condor, rapids… and to see some shows for a fresh break because during summer, it is so hot.

The other way is to do the silver river flume, wet guarantee.

Normally, it is forbidden to bring foods but we did and luckily, employees at the ticket entrance didn’t check our backpacks but if you won’t bring or if your food will be seized, restaurants are not so expensive, there are menus for around 10 euros.

Time was flying and before that we noticed it, the sun had almost disappeared and we still didn’t do the 2 best roller coasters, the dragon khan and shambhala.

That is because we didn’t buy the express card because it was too expensive in our opinion so we spent a lot of time doing the line but in some attractions, there is a 3rd line called single (a queue for people who want to do it alone).

We used this option for shambhala but at the end, the single and the normal line took almost the same time. We knew it because we started to do the normal one and at a moment, the line divides in 2, one for the normal and one for the single. When we reached the roller coaster, the persons, who were in front of us doing the normal line, were at the same level. The difference is that they could do in group and us, one by one when there were free seats to mix with a group.


Personally, shambhala is very fun and the best attraction of the park. Since we did it during night time, I didn’t do a video to show you because it was too dark; same thing for dragon khan. To see the lighted water show and the firework at midnight, you have to go near to the entrance.

After that, time to go home, it was a very hard day, full of entertainments and funny things to do. If you want to know more, go to its official website where you will find prices, map and other information.