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Traditional festivals of Barcelona's neighborhoods

Locally known as festa major, each neighborhood of Barcelona has its own one and although there are not celebrated at the same time, they may have 2 in the same month. It is the best way to blend with local people and to know its tradition.

The actual Barcelona was possible thanks to the union of the different villages that existed outside of the medieval city.

The city was surrounded by a wall and in order to extend it, the wall has been destroyed in 1859, making that the villages would be integrated to the city.

Of course, some districts and neighborhoods have been

created due to the increasing of the population but people, who came to live there, were from different cities of Spain like Seville, Huelva, Oviedo... and they brought with them their own tradition. So the festa major is the traditional festival of those people who live in those areas and each year, during more or less 1 week, they do a great party not only to show but also to transmit its cultures and traditions to the next generation.

For tourists, it is a great way to discover and to have fun during your holiday in Barcelona. It is also the perfect moment to see some traditional events like the castellers (human castle or human tower), the sardana dance, the parade of the giants, the bastoners (stick dance), the trabucaires (blunderbuss men) and much more.

Below a list of some neighborhoods with its festival, just click on it to have more information:

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