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January in Barcelona

The new year was yesterday and now, you may wonder what you can do ??? Well, a lot of things are still coming like local festivals, fashion shows, winter sales…

Let’s start by the spanish christmas, the day of the 3 kings. Also known as the day of the wise men, it is celebrated the 6 but most of activities are done the 5. Yes I know, in most countries, christmas is celebrated on december 25 and although Santa Claus becomes famous each year in Spain, spanish people still keep their tradition.

According to the new testament, it was this day when the 3 wise men (Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar) brought gifts to Jesus. So you can guess that only this day,

children have the right to open their gifts and go out to play with them. As said above, the day before, you can bring your children to the harbor so they will welcome the kings coming by the sea then a little later, go to see the parade of the 3 kings and don’t forget to bring with you a big bag to catch a lot of candies. To know more, take a moment to read my topic Day of the 3 kings.

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Just the day after (if it is not sunday), the winter sales start the 7. If you save a lot of money or if you come in Barcelona especially for that, wake up earlier and be quick because things will disappear fast, particularly cloths. Sales last 2 month and the reduction starts slowly from 30% at the beginning until almost 80% at the end of february.

The point is that if you are waiting too long, you may not find your size. Some brands do some special events like coming in underwear and everything, you will be able to dress up, will be free.

Also after the kings, there is the pobla festival celebrated in Gracia. This event is to promote the majorcan culture with many traditions. For more information, read my topic Festival of sa pobla, bonfire and devil at Gràcia.

Starting from the 13 until march 30, there is the tradicionarius. A festival of local and traditional music on which you will listen national bands, see exhibitions, dances and much more activities. To know everything, check its official website (only catalan).

Talking about cloths, it is the fashion month. A lot of fashion shows, national and international brands, like the Brandery, the Little Barcelona, the ModaFad, 080 Barcelona Fashion, ASVOFF (A Shaded View On Fashion Film)... Most of them are done at the last week of the month.

And before to leave january, don’t miss the local festival of the Sant Antoni district called fiesta mayor de Sant Antoni (traditional festival of Saint Anthony). It is celebrated from the 2nd friday to the 3rd Sunday, you will have to see the parade of the 3 tombs, the parade of the blunderbuss men and if you have animals, go to bless them because Saint Anthony is the patron and protector of animals. For more information, read my topic Festival of Sant Antoni with its parade of the three tombs.