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Movie Itineraries Barcelona

To complement my section Theme Barcelona in which I propose you routes like modernism, roman, Gaudi, Picasso, lounge, nightlife, movies... I will dedicate this one for movie routes so you will not only follow the step of the protagonists but also put yourself in your favorite actor´s shoes.

A lot of directors have selected Barcelona to film some scenes, some movies like “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” directed by Woody Allen and “biutiful” directed by Alejandro González Iñárrituand where majority of the scenes have been shot in the city and some like “el embrujo de shangai” directed by Fernando Trueba and “rec” directed by Paco Plaza & Jaume Balagueró in one

unique site. Doing the movie itinerary “perfume the story of a murderer” will bring you to the dark past of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, although it is set in the 18th century Paris, a lot of scenes have been shot in different places of Barcelona like the ferran street, the cathedral, the laberint d'horta park… The only thing I’m sure it is that you are going to relive the most poignant moments and by this way, to discover the city from a different point of view.

Following the different Movie Itinerary Barcelona that I´m proposing you:

Although all the Movie Itineraries Barcelona can be done by walking, in some sections you will have to take the public transport, to save money, buy a T-casual or T-familiar ticket Zone 1 instead of the single one because:

  • T-casual ticket = 10 travels (only for 1 person can use it and it is valid for 1 year starting from the first trip)
  • T-familiar ticket = 8 travels (different persons can use it and it is valid for 30 days starting from the first trip)
  • 1 single ticket = 1 travel

It is the cheaper option and you can use it in metro, FGC train, bus and tramway. T-familiar is not personal which means that your friend can use the same ticket. It works on this way. As said before, everyone can use the same one so you will just need to buy one. Each of you have to validate it, meaning that once you will put it in the machine then pull it out completely from the ticket validation machine, it will release the turnstile or the door to allow you through. Then give it to the next person so that he/she can use the same ticket and so on until the last one. Each time someone uses the T-familiar, it counts as a separate trip.

I also included a map with numeric marks so the number 1 corresponds to the first place you will have to go and the last number (for example 20) will be the last one to discover as simple like that. Also I will recommend you to check my other topic series Theme Barcelona; you will discover in the city in order to discover the roman period, the modernist buildings, the Picasso life...

About museums in my itineraries, if you need more information, check my topic Museums at Barcelona. And one last thing, I just would like to clear something before you begin. In some routes, I will talk about buildings and generally the name corresponds to the owner name. For example Fuster house was owned by the family Fuster, Batlló house by the family Batlló… I think you will guess it !!!