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TOP 10 best foreigner restaurants in Barcelona

I know, coming in Spain, you want to eat only Spanish food, but what happens if you get fed up ??? You will keep eating or try a different one. Some foreigner cuisines have to adapt to the Spanish culture if they want to attract locals, and also because it is not very easy to find some ingredients.

This is true for Asian cookings like Vietnamese, Chinese, etc. you will be disappointed since it is not authentic but almost giving the flavour another sense and it is still very good. Following my TOP 10 best foreigner restaurants, not only standing out for its foods but also for its beautiful decoration, if you are looking for something more locals like just a simple table and a chair, check my topic TOP 10 best local foreigner foods in Barcelona.

  • Indochine Ly Leap (carrer muntaner 82). Located in the Eixample area, this place will make you travel to another country with its waterfall, its river with fishes and its flowers. You can have a table just at the border of the river or on the boat-like. Metro: L1/L2 universitat.
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  • Shibui (carrer comte urgell 272). Located in the Eixample area, this restaurant will make your taste moved to Japan, from the traditional sushi to a new japanese cuisine and specially, try the delicious wagyu meat. Metro: L5 hospital clinic.
  • 9 Reinas (carrer valencia 267). Located in the Eixample area, for people who like meat because it is an Argentina cuisine. Metro: L3/L5 diagonal.
  • Oaxaca (pla de palau 19). Located in the Barceloneta area, it is a Mexican place so if you like spicy, this is where you have to go. Metro: L4 barceloneta.
  • Mayura (carrer girona 57). Located in the Eixample area, a nice place to enjoy Indian foods, one advice, book a table in the main area, you will enjoy more the food with its nice decoration. Metro: L4 girona.
  • Shanghai (carrer bisbe sivilla 48). Located in the Sarria Sant Gervasi area, if you like Chinese, although it is a little far away from the downtown, it is worth to go. FGC train: L7 el putxet.
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  • L'Atelier (carrer pau claris 153). Located in the Eixample area, this place offers you a French cuisine. Metro: L3/L4 passeig gracia.
  • Restaurant Margherita (carrer rossello 253). Located in the Eixample area, want to try Italian food, don't miss it. Metro: L3/L5 diagonal.

  • Rosa del Desierto (plaza narcis oller 7). Located in the Gracia area, if you like couscous and Moroccan/Arab food, this place is for you. Metro: L3/L5 diagonal.
  • If you like Japanese fusion food, Totora (carrer corsega 235 - metro: L5 hospital clinic) is a Peruvian place and Ikibana Paralelo (avinguda parallel 148 - metro: L3 poblesec) is a Brazilian place.