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TOP 10 best local foods in Barcelona

When I am travelling, one of the things I like it is to taste the local food, I don't mean the famous and michelin star restaurants (of course, I try also those ones and if you want to know my favorite ones, read my topic TOP 10 best restaurants in Barcelona) but smaller places hidden in some small streets that only local people know. So following my TOP 10 best local restaurants.

  • Labarra (carrer comte urgell 240). Situated in the Eixample area, a very nice decoration with a good food, during the week, very crowdy with office people so quieter during the weekend. Metro: L5 hospital clinic.

  • Cal Boter (carrer tordera 62). Situated in the Gracia area, a small restaurant with many good things; if you like the wine, ask them to serve it into the traditional glass wine jar called "porrón". Metro: L4 joanic.
  • Guixot (carrer riereta 8). Situated in the Raval area, just near to the rambla del raval street, this place has good meals, a simple catalan cuisine but good taste. Metro: L2 sant antoni.
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  • Casa Amalia (passatge mercat 4-6). Situated in a narrow street of the Eixample near to the Concepcio market, they make good rices and you have to try their snail rice. Metro: L4 girona.
  • Flamant (carrer enric granados 23). Situated in the Eixample area, this restaurant is part of the Andilana Group which owns different places like Balthazar, Rita, Quinze Nits, etc. proposing good food - cheap price for the lunch ( for dinner, it is better other places because the price is higher than the lunch time). Metro: L1 universitat.
  • Robadora (carrer d’en robador 18). Located in the Raval area, the place is a little hidden, out of the main tourist street, offering a nice food. Metro: L3 liceu.
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  • El Sortidor (plaza del sortidor 5). Situated in the Poble Sec area, near to Montjuic, in a nice square where it is not easy to find but if you do, a nice dishes are waiting you. Metro: L3 poblesec.
  • Bodega Monumental (carrer creu coberta 87). Situated in the Sants area, this restaurant is often crowded by local people and their speciality is rice. Metro: L1 hostsfrancs.

  • Els Pescadors (plaza prim 1). Situated in the Poble Nou area, this place is located near to the beach, hided inside a quiet small square and cooking nice catalan dishes. Metro: L4 poble nou.
  • El Nou Ramonet (carrer carbonell 5). Situated in the Barceloneta area, this place is specialized in seafood and paella, after that, since it is near to the beach, just go there for a nice walk. Metro: L4 barceloneta.