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A wonderful experience amongst animals

They are so much places to go for our vacation that sometimes, we want to find something unique, something that we want to experience at least one time in our life so what about living during few moments amongst animals !!!

At Bradenton in Florida, you will not only ride a horse on its beach but you will have also the possibility to go to swim with the animal and practice the horse surfing.

This task asks you to have a good balance because you will have to stand up meanwhile he walks through the water but there is one condition, you should weigh less than 70 kg to enjoy this activity.

Imagine being inside a metal cage and bathing in warm water, few seconds later, one great white shark is coming towards you and few minutes later, his friends and his family are surrounded you from all sides !!! At Guadalupe Island in Mexico, you will have the chance to experience it between august and december. Moreover, if you are looking for more adrenalin, you can do it during night time so you will only notice the shark when it will breathe next to you and the option to dive deeper.

Meanwhile you are enjoying a nice beach day at the Caribbean, why not take advantage to know better sea turtles, one of the endangered species. You can watch a mother burying her eggs in the sand or see how babies are running to the sea once they are born. If you want to get involved, you can participate voluntarily as a member of an organization to record nesting activity, relocating eggs, patrolling beaches…

Now we are leaving the sea and let’s see what we can do on earth. If you are dreaming about the life of Dian Fossey, a trip to Africa will make your dream comes true. Indeed, at the Virunga National Park in Congo and at the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, you will have this possibility to live a pure moment with gorillas and watching them playing, eating… just at few meters from them.

In Australia, exactly at the Christmas Island, you can testify one of the spectacular earth migrations of the world. The little red crabs start their move from the habitat of the rainforest to the sea during 5 days. This event occurs normally in october or in november and if you stay on their way, they won’t doubt to climb on you if they believe that you are blocking their migration because their goal is to reach the sea by any means.

In the city, we are surrounded by pigeons and if I tell you that you can be surrounded by butterflies in a nicely environment, would your destination be a city or a nature reserve ??? At the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, you will have this chance because at each autumn, a billion butterflies migrate from North America to forests of central Mexico. An impressive natural show where all trees are covered with those gentle insects mixing the green color of the leaves and the color of its wings.

Another show to not miss is the bat one. Indeed between march and october, about 20 million mexican free-tailed bats live in the Bracken Cave in Texas and meanwhile you are around, you can go also to the Frio Cave where you will find about 12 million bats. During the evening, your eyes will see a great flying show and your ears will hear the flapping echo of their wings.

At Oudtshoorn in South Africa, you will not only encounter a lot of ostrich but you will have also the possibility to ride one. Considered as the ostrich capital of the world and if you weigh less than 70 kg, you can try this funny activity. For others, you will just have the right to do simple things like to feed them and enjoy the area.

Now to end my topic, let’s escape to the heat to go to a cold climate. At Mendenhall or Denver glaciers in Alaska, you will enjoy a ride with huskies by doing dogsledding. You can either stay quietly and enjoy the ride or help the musher drive the sled and once the tour ends, just stay a little while to play with those dogs. The bad point is that if you weigh more than 110 kg, you will have to pay an extra fee.

This is may be the top thing to do before it would be too late, watching polar bears in their living place so by going to Churchill in Manitoba, you will walk and sleep near to them and if you will be between december and april, you will also enjoy the beautiful aurora borealis and in summer by doing a boat tour, you will spot beluga whales.