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The best airport websites

Sometimes before to travel, I like to take a look on the website of the airports I am going, just to know for example how far is the walk to the gate ? where to take the public transportation, if it is close or not to the terminal ?

With those information, I can calculate the approximate time I need to do things like shopping (depending of course if there is or not delay) and not only that, but I find also other useful information like flight schedules and delay, services, shops, restaurant… even the local weather conditions !!!

Following the best websites of the different airports in the world.

Chicago International Airports. On the main page, you can navigate to the 3 different main airports (O'Hare, Midway and Gary) but the best it is the map that you can download in PDF format (very clear and well designed). One of the funny things, it is that you can look for the music broadcasted in the airport.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. When passing your mouse on the different main menus, the icons reveal useful subcategories but the best option is the “fare deals” which shows special discount fares to go to the different cities from the airport.

Copenhagen Airports. On the main page, you can see directly the last arrivals and departures flight without clicking to any options. Except the fact that the site provides clear information, there is a link to find the low fare tickets.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The website has very good interactive maps and the navigation is very easy where we can find a lot of information like connecting, flight tracker, parking… including a page which shows all the art with the corresponding artist.

Denver International Airport. Simple but very easily to find every useful information with interactive terminal maps. Also the site provides the weather, a link to the road condition and some tour guide by videos.

Frankfurt Airport City. The site is very interactive and offers everything including the ability to book flights, hotel, cars… There are some points I find funny for example there is a map to show you how to get to the airport by bicycle and the fact that it shows you directly that it is a non-smoking airport.

London Heathrow International Airport. Like the Copenhagen website, you have access directly to the live flight information (arrivals and departures) but also you can find interactive maps for each portion of each floor of each terminal and the fact to get flight updates to your cell phone.

San Francisco International Airport. The site is very nice where we can find interactive and printable maps, ground transportation, security information, driving directions… It includes also some useful tools like a fare finder, flight information on your cell phone, a monthly schedule of airport hosted concerts…

Singapore Changi Airport. The website offers a lot of options to book flights, hotels, vacations, tours in Singapore… With good interactive maps, you can find every useful information needed including the city itself but the best thing it is the promotion menu which is in fact its own online travel agency.

Tokyo Narita International Airport. A lot of information can be found on this website like the interactive advice for passengers to go through at the airport when arriving or departing, the interactive maps of shopping and restaurants... And if you like to watch or take pictures of planes taking off and land, the site shows you the best spots to do so !!!