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Best places in the US to spend a week guest post written by Robert Hall

If you have decided to take a week off or got yourself a week to unwind those tense nerves, then what could be finer than trip to a place that offers wholesome versatile experience? And the best place that fits the bill is the US.

A perfect get-away for everyone with different opinions and choice.

Love to feast your eyes on natural wonders of the world, and then try visiting the Grand Canyon if you want to see the magnificent slopes of the Appalachian Mountains, the crude beauty of the Rocky Mountains or the beautiful prairies of the everglades and its neighboring beauties.

Nature loving eagle freaks can prefer to land in famous national and parks, botanical gardens, national seashores, national lakeshores, wildlife refuges, nature centers, or national forest areas.


Gregarious people, who know to enjoy festivals, buzz in to this tourist trap with a list of local festivals and carnivals. Make your choice from a variety of festivals like:

  • Arts & crafts festival – Festival of arts, Michigan; St James arts Fair, Kentucky
  • Alternative festivals – King Mango Strut, Florida; Burning Man, Nevada
  • Cultural or folk festivals – Aloha Festival, Hawaii; Texas Folk life festival
  • Talk festivity – Friendship Festival, Buffalo, NY, Canada
  • Beer Festival – Great American Beer festival, Colorado; Oregon Brewers festival, Oregon

History buffs can relive the most famous moments here in the US that has huge historical offerings. You are sure to say that a week is not enough to gulp in the historical chronicles. Historical parks (Yellowstone, Idaho; Sequoia, California), National battlefield parks (Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia; Richmond, Virginia), National monuments (Buck Island reef, Virginia; Devils tower, Wyoming), open-air and living history museums, and renaissance fairs give you knowledge of different archaic cultures and civilization struggles.

People Who are Fun Seekers

  • Reach the “sin city” Las Vegas, Nevada for never ending fun, gambling, shopping, and fine dining.
  • Arrive at the historical center of celluloid “The Hollywood” located in LA, California. Often known as the birth place of movie innovation, who knows you might just meet your celebrity sweetheart or end up as one!
  • Your idea of romantic vacation is a quiet place with heavenly feel and seductive resorts, try places like Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, California, and so on. The Poconos has been the most famous vacation spot, thanks to its resorts, hunting, fishing, and sport activities.

So, why the delay? Eligible travelers, who wish to have a meaningful vacation for a week, be an early bird to fill the ESTA Visa Application and get your ESTA Visa.

About the Author

Written by Robert Hall a Tech writer with a travel obsession – catch me @travelplex