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Cinema festival

2009 is the birth year of the cinema festival in which the goal is to push people to watch movie in theatre.

This initiative is done because during those past years, statistics showed an important decline and like its neighbourhood, France, Spain decided to copy its festival but with a little difference.

In France, it exists long time ago and it was created not only to promote movies but also to increase the numbers of entrance in which, in this time, the sector dropped a lot. How it works ???

When the festival starts, you go to movie and you buy

the first ticket at the usual price. By buying this ticket, you will get a kind of passport that you will have to present it for next movies but the price, for the 2nd ticket and the next one and the next one…, will be reduced more than half of the normal price. And if by misfortune, you lost this passport, you will have to start back the process if you want to take advantage of this offer. Meanwhile you have it, you can enjoy watching movies during 1 week.

In Spain, they do something like that except that the festival lasts 3 days instead of 1 week and it should start each year from june 21 until june 23. To watch the first movie, you will have to pay the first entrance at the normal price to get your passport and after, for each next movies, you will pay only 2€ each time that you present it.

You can only get the passport the first day so if really you want to take advantage of this offer, don’t miss the day june 21 if not you will have to wait for the next year.