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Travelling in the space or in the ocean

Travelling to the space it is something that it will be our reach soon, normally scheduled for 2011. Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin, and with the Scaled Composites team have created the VSS (Virgin Space Ship) Enterprise to transport people to the space.

Last month, they have inaugurated the space ship with the first test flight which took off in the Mojave desert in California. Flying more than 2h54 and reaching about 13,7km of altitude.

Per trip, only 6 people will be able to enjoy a great view on earth from the space and only people who can afford to pay $200.000.

When it will be operational, the space ship should normally reach 18km of altitude. So far, there are 45 million of euros paid by 330 people who have already reserved their seat. But this guy doesn’t stop here, he is also preparing a travel trip to the deeper sea of our ocean. This project is named Necker Nymph, it is a kind of submarine plane which can dive about 10.000 meters.

For the moment, the prototype is actually used for the personal trip of its owner and can go only until 40 meters. The submarine is made of carbon fiber with a cockpit offering a 360º view.

When it will be ready, every people, who wants to discover the depth of our ocean, have to rent it for one week and to pay $25.000 but also they will have the obligation to stay on the island of the owner or to rent his catamaran which is not included in the price.

At the end, the price will be very expensive. It also exists other projects, not from him, but from the association of companies to create the tourism of future like the Aircruise, a project by Samgung and SeymourPowell, a kind of plane-hotel which will be at 3.000 meters of altitude. Or the Space Resort, a project by Galactic Suite Limited, a hotel which will be in orbit at 450km above the earth.

The only way I can enjoy this kind of vacation, it is to win the european lottery, something that may never happen so I hope that other companies will do the same creating by this way some competition and making the price drop and why not, some low cost offers.

April 9, 2010