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Gardens and parks of Barcelona

Barcelona is not only museums but also gardens. The city is green and every people are free to go to those nature places just to enjoy a moment of peace and to listen bird songs.

The green areas of Barcelona are the lungs of the city and they are catalogued as:

  • forest parks
  • historic parks
  • thematic parks
  • urban parks
  • therapeutic garden

Each one has its own history, its quiet spots and its

botanic curiosities. Moreover, depending of the place you want to go, the Municipal Institute of Gardens and Parks has put in place a service which offers a guided visit by phone.

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It is very simple to use this service. Indeed, in the entrance, you will find all the needed information including the phone number you have to call. By dialling the number with your mobile phone, you will be able to enjoy your visit meanwhile listening the automatic voice which will explain you the history and secrets of the garden/park.

In Montjuïc, there are 11 different gardens very close, where you can easily plan and make a nature hiking. Following a list of all gardens/parks of Barcelona but I will counsel you to visit first:

  • Park Güell, the famous park created by Antoni Gaudí with the help of the architect Josep Maria Jujol and classified as world heritage by UNESCO in 1984 – guided visit by phone available
  • City park (parc de la Ciutadella), before to be a park designed by the architect Josep Fontseré, it was a fortified place built for Felipe V after the Succession War where you will find an impressive fountain, the 3 dragons castle (now a public library and a nature laboratory), the chapel (now the Castrense parish church), the governor palace (now a secondary education institute), the arsenal (now the headquarter of the Catalonia Parliament) and the zoo of Barcelona - guided visit by phone available
  • Laberint d’Horta park, this park has the most old neoclassic garden of the city and the particularity it is its vegetal labyrinth composed of cypresses surrounding the Eros statue who represents “love” – guided visit by phone available and only free entrance the sunday and wednesday
  • Botanic garden, the place is located in Montjuïc and it contains species from mediterranean climate all around the world and from others which can adapt themselves.
  • Palau de Pedralbes gardens, originally it was the estate of J.A. Güell who ceded it to the Spanish royal family to build a palace and where you can find a fountain designed by Gaudí – guided visit by phone available

Therapeutic garden:

  • jardí de vil-la florida, address muntaner 544

Forest parks:

  • parc turó de la peira, address passeig fabra i puig / passeig de la peira / cornudella
  • parc de la font del racó, address lluís muntadas 1
  • parc del castell de l'oreneta, address montevideo 45
  • parc de joan reventós, address ràfols 10
  • parc del mirador del migdia, address foc / passeig del migdia
  • parc del mirador del poble sec, address passeig montjuïc 28

Historic parks:

  • jardins de can sentmenat, address can caralleu 16-18
  • jardins de la universitat, address diputació 230
  • jardins laribal, address passeig santa madrona 2
  • jardins del palau de les heures, address passeig vall d'hebron 171
  • jardins del palau de pedralbes, address avinguda diagonal 686
  • jardins de can castelló, address castelló 1-7
  • parc del guinardó, address garriga i roca 1-13
  • jardins del teatre grec, address passeig santa madrona 38
  • jardins de joan maragall, address avinguda de l'estadi 1
  • parc de la ciutadella, address passeig pujades 10
  • parc del laberint d'horta, address passeig castanyers 1-17
  • parc güell, address olot 1-13
  • jardins de la tamarita, address passeig sant gervasi 47-49
  • parc turó, address avinguda pau casals 19

Thematic parks:

  • jardí d'aclimatació, address avenida de l'estadi 42-48
  • jardins de mossèn cinto verdaguer, address tarongers 1-5
  • viver de tres pins, address avenida de miramar 2
  • jardí botànic , address doctor font i quer 2
  • jardins de mossèn costa i llobera, address carretera de miramar 38

Urban parks:

  • parc de la nova icària, address jaume vicens i vives 1
  • jardins del turó del putget, address manacor 9
  • parc de sant martí, address menorca 64
  • parc de les corts, address numància 102-104
  • parc de la font florida, address mineria 50
  • parc de la creueta del coll, address passeig mare de déu del coll 77
  • jardins de ca n'altimira, address mandri 71
  • parc de la vall d'hebron, address juan de mena 2
  • parc esportiu de can dragó, address avinguda meridiana 390-395
  • parc de la maquinista de sant andreu, address ferran junoy 1
  • parc de les cascades, address avinguda del litoral 13
  • parc de la barceloneta, address passeig marítim de la barceloneta 15-21
  • parc de l'estació del nord, address almogàvers 27-61
  • parc de carles I, address avinguda de icària 90
  • parc de l'espanya industrial, address muntades 37
  • jardí dels drets humans, address foneria 19
  • parc de la primavera, address nou de la rambla 203
  • parc lineal garcia fària, address bilbao / josep pla
  • mirador del alcalde, address plaza del mirador
  • parc del port olímpic, address avinguda del litoral 30
  • jardins de vil-la amèlia, address eduardo conde 22
  • jardins de vil-la sicília, address santa amèlia 1
  • parc de la guineueta, address plaza llucmajor
  • parc josep maria serra martí, address miguel hernández 16
  • parc central de nou barris, address doctor pi i molist 133
  • parc de joan miró, address tarragona 74
  • parc de la trinitat, address passeig santa coloma 60
  • parc del centre de poblenou, address avinguda diagonal 130
  • parc de monterols, address muntaner 426
  • jardins del palau robert, address paseo de gràcia 107
  • jardins de la maternitat, address travessera de les corts 159
  • parc dels auditoris, address plaza fòrum 1
  • parc de la pegaso, address sagrera 179-197
  • jardins de rosa luxemburg, address avinguda estatut de catalunya 15-39
  • parc de can sabaté, address mineria 18
  • parc de diagonal mar, address llull 362
  • jardins de joan brossa, address plaza de dante
  • jardins de les tres xemeneies, address avinguda paral-lel 49
  • jardins de sant pau del camp, address sant pau 89-97
  • parc de les aigües, address plaza alfons el savi
  • parc del pla de fornells, address nou barris 21
  • jardins de moragas, address tavern 1
  • parc del clot, address escultors claperós 36
  • jardins del príncep de girona, address lepant 378
  • parc de cervantes - roserar, address avinguda diagonal 708-716