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The first 0 star hotel

During all those past years, humans have created a series of high standing hotels on which each company tries to show to the whole world which will have the most beautiful place not only for the comfort but also for the entertainment.

The Burj-Al-Arab hotel, the Pangu Plaza hotel, the Centaurus hotel or the Flower of the East hotel are the perfect examples of the new design and the most expensive hotels since they are categorized as 7 stars, the top of the top.

Other kinds of best comfort are places considered as mini city like Madinat Jumeirah or Emirates Palace. Of course, a journey there will cost a lot of money and if you are

not rich, you won’t be able to enjoy it as a customer however may be as a worker !!!! To slow down this course, the twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin created the first hotel classified as 0 star called “Null Stern” at Teufen in Switzerland. The concept of the Null Stern hotel is very simple and benefits to any sophisticated decoration, none services and almost 0 comfort !!!!

For the price of 7€, we will have a shelter and a bed. Take note that the place is located inside a bunker and has 3 big rooms without window in which 2 rooms can accommodate until 7 persons, a bathroom with toilets in line and a common shower.

There is no heater but at least we can use hot water bottles and old slippers to walk on the cold floor.

Like you can guess, we will share our life with other guests since we will be located inside the same bunker. What it means ???

Simple, there are some “games” in which everyone has to participate. For example, there is a drawing lot to select the person who will benefit from a warm shower every morning because there is only enough warm water for one single shower.

Same thing for sleeping, beds are awarded to the person by turning the beams of an old wheel of bicycle and the hour of bedtime is decided by the average sleep time – by calculating the needed time and the mandatory hour of the alarm clock of 7h.

In exchange of those “inconvenients”, the price is very cheap. After all, it is quite enough if we are looking for a simple place to sleep and nothing more.

The creators have the project to extend this concept to other bunkers in other countries. So if you plan to go to Teufen and you are interested, check Zero Star hotel to have more information.

July 3, 2009