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The nightlife at Barcelona

Barcelona is reputed for its nightlife where streets are full of night clubs, bar discos, cocktail bars… The city changes completely from day to night like Mr Hide and Dr Jekyll.

Each neighborhood has its own particularity and it can be more expensive or not. The spanish tradition is to go from place to place for a drink so you go into one bar, take a drink, go out to find another one, get in, order a drink, and get out again to find another and so on until you decide to go to dance or to go home.

If you are not a big drinker, you can go to club. Some clubs are free and some you will have to pay the entrance between 10€ and 15€ (1 drink included).

The price for a cocktail is between 8€ and 14€. A shot will cost you 1€ and if you are not a drinker, you can order cocktail without alcohol or a soda for example (of course it is more cheaper).

Be aware that if you plan to go to nightclubs, spanish people start to come in around 1h AM - before this hour you have a lot of chances to be alone inside or with other guiris (spanish word to design a stranger) like you and they close between 6h-7h AM.

Some specialties:

  • sangria (a drink based on wine or cava/champagne),
  • clara (beer mixed with lemon soda),
  • tinto de verano (wine mixed with lemon soda),
  • carajillo (coffee mixed with whisky, bailey, brandy, ron…),
  • calimocho (wine mixed with coca cola)…

Following the neighborhoods I get used to have fun with friends.

  • The Born district, little streets full of bars where I can take a nice drink like a mojito and where I can dance for free entrance. The main street is passeig del born (metro Jaume 1 yellow line L4).
  • The Raval district, composed also of little streets, this neighborhood hide its bars but taking one of its streets, you will discover them easily. The famous place is the Plaza Reial.
  • The Gracia district (metro Fontana green line L3), very famous popular neighborhood where every people go there to look for a good diversion. Very crowded during weekend and the famous place is La Plaza del Sol.
  • The Poble Nou district, an old industrial neighborhood which is now full of clubs. Normal price is around 10€ (1 drink included) and one of them you have to go is Razzmatazz.
  • The Eixample Izquierda district, very famous since this neighborhood gathers a lot of gay bars and clubs. A very funny district where I can have a lot of fun. You will have to take the Muntaner street to discover them.
  • The Sant Gervasi district, a lot of bars and free clubs. I pass my night around Maria Cubi street crossing Amigo and Sagues street.

If you plan it is just to have a nice cocktail after dinner, you can go to Omm, calle rossello nº 265 (crossing passeig de gracia street) where a sophisticated atmosphere is waiting you. Go to the last floor of the Majestic Hotel, passeig de gracia nº 68 (crossing valencia street) or the Pulitzer Hotel, calle bergara nº 8 (next to plaza catalunya) to enjoy its nice terrace with an overview of the downtown.

Or take a taxi and ask him to bring you to "plaza del doctor andreu" (up to the avinguda tibidabo street) where not only you will be able to enjoy a nice drink but also an impressive

view on the city for example in the Mirablau bar. If you like to take shot like me, you have to go to Espit Chupito, calle aribau nº 77 (crossing valencia street). The price is between 1€ and 3.50€ and you have more than 500 to try !!!

If you are looking for a place to rent a costume to disguise yourself because you are going to a halloween party for example, go to Menkes, gran via de les corts catalanes 642 and 646 (crossing pau claris street) where you can dress up in a witch, vampire, gremlin...

One of the area I don’t go often but it is very nice and some clubs are free entrance, it is all along the beach from the passeig maritim de la barceloneta to passeig maritim del port olimpic (close to the casino and the golden fish). If you need more options, I recommend you to check my other page about Bar, restaurant, club... at Barcelona and if you are looking for a great selection of places to stay with discount prices, visit Barcelona Hotels for more information.

Well the last thing I can add it is to drink alcohol with moderation and in spite that may be you are not going to drink a lot, don’t forget to drink a lot of water too !!!