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A nice place to dinner at Barcelona

There are many nice restaurants where you can have dinner during night time. One of the most important points you have to know it is that in Spain the normal dinner time is from 21h to midnight but there are always exceptions.

Majority of the places, that I am going to describe, are places that I get used to go and I like a lot. You don’t need to reserve except if I tell you so. Some specialties:

  • paella (rice or fideu - a kind of short and thin spaghetti),
  • pan con tomate (tomatoes pan),
  • tapas (a kind of snacks or foods served in little portion),
  • patatas bravas (potatoes with spicy sauce),

  • pulpo a la gallega (octopus with oil and paprika)...

Be aware that the chief will only cook a paella for 2 persons minimum (preparation time : 40 minutes) and never for 1 so if you go to a place where they offer this option, it will be cooked by microwave !!!

You have to eat the paella, the best place for me it is Marina Moncho's, passeig maritim de la barceloneta - phone (+34)932211514 (crossing marina street close to the beach). You have the choice between rice and fideu and both are very good. You can select between meat, seafood, rabbit and shrimp. The minimum price is around 12€ per person and since it is a seafood restaurant, you can order other things related to the products of the sea.

You can find tapas everywhere but for some places, it is a specialty which is considered like gourmet and gastronomy. Sagardi-Euskal, calle argenteria nº 62 - phone (+34)933199993 (crossing basea street). Famous to stand up to eat, they have few tables except if you want to go to its restaurant but you will not be able to eat tapas. Indeed the restaurant side offers plats related to basque cooking so you have to choose. When you go there, you have to ask first a plate and after pick yourself the tapas you want to eat. Each tapas has a stick and you have to keep it on your plate because the bill will be the total of those sticks and they have an unique price of 2.30€.

Ciudad Condal, rambla Catalunya nº 18 – phone (+34)933181997 (crossing gran via de les corts catalanes street). Better to reserve if you want to try their tapas if not you will have to wait between a maximum of 30 and 40 minutes. The best place for me is in the bar and not the table because in the menu they don’t propose you all.

Cerveseria Catalana, calle mallorca nº 236 – phone (+34)932160368 (crossing rambla catalunya street). One of the best place for tapas and you have to reserve or go very early to have a table because it is very very very crowded if not the waiting will be very long and you will have to stand up to eat at the end. Everything is good so just order !!!

A place, you have to go to lunch and not to dinner, is in La Boqueria. The famous market, situated in La Rambla street, opens only during day time. I go there to eat seafood because of the fresh products available at hands. Just walk inside and find a bar restaurant with free seats. I never had chance, each time I went I had to wait more and less 30 minutes - BE AWARE, La Rambla is full of THIEVES who will not hesitate to rob your purse !!!

If you prefer to eat mediterranean food and you look for a romantic place, you will have to wait that the kitchen is open at 21h. I propose you to go to Tragaluz, passeig de la concepcio nº 5 - phone (+34)934870621. It is a little and hidden street close to the metro Diagonal. This place has 2 floors, one for snack and one for restaurant. I suggest you to go to the restaurant where the ceiling is in crystal so you can dine under the moon and stars. Tenorio, passeig de gracia nº 37 - phone (+34)932720592 (close to Casa Batllo). Except the food, i like the design which is well harmonized with the purple color. Another one, Les Quinze Nits, plaza reial nº 6 - phone (+34)933173075. A very charming place in one of the famous place of Barcelona. Noti, calle roger de lluria 35 – phone (+34)933426673 (crossing diputació street). A very nice and sophisticated decoration and a little expensive but the food is excellent.

If you feel more japanese food, you have 3 choices. El Japones, passeig de la concepcio nº 5 – phone (+34)934870621. The kitchen is open at 21h and if you plan to dinner at this time, better to reserve (they take only reservation at this time so if you plan to go at 22h for example, they will not reserve it and you will have to go there and wait for a free table).

The Japonès Shunka, calle sagristans nº 5 – phone (+34)934124991 (crossing capellans street). Absolutely to reserve a table if not you have more probability to dinner somewhere else !!! The particularity is that they propose you hot sushi. The Japonès Parco, passeig de gracia nº 119 – phone (+34)932387822 (crossing diagonal street) where you can have a romantic dinner. Also the best is to reserve and you will find more experimented sushi.

You like spicy and you want to eat Thai. You can go to Thaï Gardens, calle diputacion nº 273 – phone (+34)934879898 (crossing passeig de gracia street). You will have to reserve, very nice romantic place with its natural flower decoration. Both are great places, particularly if you are looking for a romantic restaurant.

What do you think about india food ??? Mayura, calle girona nº 57 - phone (+34)934814536 (crossing diputacion street). You will have the possibility to dinner at bed !!! And what I like the most except the food, it is the river which flows all along the bar creating a special romantic atmosphere. Monje, calle pau claris 92 – phone (+34)933184252 (crossing gran via de les corts catalanes street). Another very nice romantic place to dinner where you will be surrounded by many buddha statues.

What about a popular and traditional food ??? You can go to Bo (phone (+34)932185198) or Amelie (phone (+34)935133746) restaurant, plaza de la vila de gràcia (known also plaza rius i taulet in Gracia district). They cook tapas but more typical from the country and since they are situated in a charming place within a popular neighborhood, it is perfect to merge you !!!

Fans of meat, go to the argentina restaurant called Rustico, calle terol 39 - phone (+34)932848601 (close to the Plaza de la Revolució de Setembre de 1868). When I need to eat meat, I go there because they have a meat plate – very big and not expensive, around 10€ and I can’t never finish !!!

I don’t go to eat at La Rambla street, because for me the restaurants are there to trap tourists and during summer time, they get used to increase a little their prices.

Don’t hesitate to go to Born neighborhood (metro Jaume I yellow line L4) where you can find restaurant which cook typical spanish food. Also go to Gracia district (metro Fontana gree line L3), I like a lot this popular neighborhood since I can find different specialties and not too expensive. Of course you can stand in the downtown (plaza Catalunya), this area and its surroundings like Raval district are full of restaurants. You can also adventure in the Eixample district or go to the beach where you can find very nice restaurants but very expensive for typical foods. And for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money, you still can go to McDonalds, Burger King, KFC...

Take note that majority of bars/restaurants will put you automatically bread on your table and they will charge you for the price. So if you think you won’t eat bread, tell to the waiter/waitress because if not, even if you don’t eat a piece, you will have to pay.

For more options, read Bar, restaurant, club... at Barcelona. There are many places I still don’t know so the only advice I can give you it is to take a look, if you like, get in to try and come back in this article to share your experience !!! Buen Provecho !!!