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Bar, restaurant, club... at Barcelona

Not all the time I go to fashion restaurants, lounge bars or stylish clubs but also places more local and with simple decoration (only chairs and tables :-) where majority of customers are catalan people and of course more cheaper. On this page, I will put those places I like to go and it is a way to complement my other articles like The nightlife at Barcelona, Lounge bar and clubbing, Enjoying live music...

As a complementary article, I will add the other places I forgot and this page will be updated each time I find a new place that I like so by this way, you will have more recommendation from me and more choice between the typical or fashion place.

And if you find a place you like but not in this list, share your experience by leaving a comment :-) I’m going to give you a tip, before to go to a night club, check their official website and print out the flyer to pay less for the entrance and not always but sometimes, it is your only pass to get in. You may also call them to reserve a table or just to put your name on the guest list so your entrance will be guarantee.

Irish pub:

  • Michael Collins, plaza sagrada familia 4 - phone (+34)934594626.
  • George Payne, plaza urquinaona 5 - phone (+34)934815294.
  • Ryans, c/ paradis 4 - phone (+34)932690172.
  • My Bar, c/ ferran 8 - phone (+34)933179432.
  • The Fastnet, passeig juan de borbon 22 - phone (+34)934126263.
  • Flaherty's, plaza joaquim xirau - phone (+34)934126263.


  • Forn de Sant Jaume (breakfast), rambla de catalunya 50. A traditional pastry shop with good things.
  • Buenas Migas (breakfast-lunch), passeig de gràcia 120. An original franchise to take a good breakfast.
  • Paul (breakfast-lunch), c/ roselló 235. I like this franchise, they have good things and a lot of choices.
  • Casa Vives (pastry), rambla catalunya 58. A good pastry shop to take a snack.
  • La Colmena (pastry), plaza l'angel 12. A pastry shop where you will enjoy traditional cookies and cakes.
  • Bubo (pastry), c/ caputxes 6-10 and c/ bruc 150. The shop of the famous pastry chef Carles Mampel where you can enjoy his delicious cake.
  • Olokuti (shop), c/ asturies 38. It is a shop but they have a nicely garden where you can enjoy a japonese tea, normally the garden is opened from spring to fall seasons.
  • Elephanta (bar), c/ torrent d'en vidalet 37. A place to savour different teas.
  • Club Mix (bar), c/ comerç 21. A little nice place to have a drink to start the night.
  • La Baignoire (bar), c/ verdi 6. A place with good ambience.
  • Guru BCN (bar), c/ josep anselm clave 19. A cocktail place with a good ambiance.
  • Miramelindo (bar), passeig del born 15. A very crowdy place but one of the best places for a mojito.
  • Schilling (bar), c/ ferran 23. A typical spanish bar with good ambiance.
  • Copa Cafe (bar), c/ santa creu 5. A place to take a flavored tea based on black or green tea.
  • Alsur Cafe (bar), c/ sant pere mes alt 4. A bar with DJ during night time where people can lie down on tatami meanwhile enjoying a cocktail.
  • El Xampanyet (tapas), c/ montcada 22 - phone (+34)933197003. The typical catalan tapas bar and very crowded, I just go there to eat its good tapas and not for its decoration.
  • La Bodegueta (tapas), rambla de catalunya 100 - phone (+34)932154894. Another typical catalan tapas bar and very crowded, if you want to feel as a local, you have to go there.
  • Dostrece (bar-restaurant), c/ carme 40 - phone (+34)933017306. A nice local place not only to dinner but also to enjoy taking a drink.
  • Semproniana (restaurant), c/ rosselló 148 - phone (+34)934531820. A decoration very funny and to enjoy a spanish food.
  • Sikkim (restaurant), plaza comercial 1 - phone (+34)932684313. Simple but nicely oriental decoration with buddha statues for a romantic dinner.
  • Market (restaurant), c/ compte borrell 68 - phone (+34)932890130. A nicely and traditional catalan restaurant with beautiful decoration where the white and black are the main colors.
  • Margarita Blue (restaurant), c/ josep anselm clave 6 - phone (+34)933177176. A mexican restaurant with a good ambiance.
  • Gades Fondues (restaurant), c/ esparteria 10 - phone (+34)933104455. A very good place to dinner a cheese or meat fondue and in dessert, a chocolate fondue.
  • César Pastor (restaurant), c/ casanova 212 - phone (+34)934432306. With a simple but nice decoration, the food has an excellent creative catalan cuisine.


  • Eclipse Barcelona (bar), plaça de la rosa dels vents 1, 26th floor - phone (+34)932952800. Located in W hotel, savor a nicely cocktail in a lounge ambience meanwhile viewing a beautiful sunset.
  • Banker's Bar (bar), passeig de gràcia 38 - phone (+34)931518782. Located in Mandarin hotel, a stylish and luxury bar to enjoy its own creation cocktail.
  • Angels & Kings (bar), c/ pere IV 272-286 - phone (+34)933672050. Located in ME hotel, decorated with black lacquer furniture and velvet curtains, enjoy a drink on its terrace with pool.
  • Monvinic (bar), c/ diputació 249 - phone (+34)932726187. A place dedicated and specialized in wine with a nice decoration and it includes a tasting room and a restaurant section.
  • 41 degrees and Tickets (bar-tapas), avinguda parallel 164. Both belong to Adrià, the famous chef of El Bulli, nice cocktail bars serving not only drink but also good tapas. If you want to eat, you will have to make a reservation first only online here.
  • Gran Foc (bar-restaurant), c/ roger de llúria 23 - phone (+34)933043020. A place to enjoy a drink and to have fun if you seat in front of the window.
  • Movie Bar (bar-restaurant), c/ roger de lluria 50 - phone (+34)934675481. A place totally dedicated for movies.
  • Dry Martini (bar-restaurant), c/ aribau 162 - phone (+34)932175080. A nicely place to enjoy a drink.
  • Sagardi Centre (tapas), c/ muntaner 70 - phone (+34)937060706. Another Sagardi where you can eat tapas and basque foods.
  • Set de Born (tapas), c/ esparteria 7 - phone (+34)933193531. A very good place to eat iberian ham and other cooked pork meats.
  • Moritz (tapas), ronda de sant antoni 39 - phone (+34)934235434. The famous beer company transformed its old factory into a fashion and modern tapas restaurant with different spaces.
  • Windsor (restaurant), c/ corsega 286 - phone (+34)934158483. A gastronomy catalan mediterranean food, one of the best at Barcelona, where you will enjoy a great dinner.
  • Indochine (restaurant), c/ muntaner 82 - phone (+34)934511796. A lovely place where waterfalls and tamarinds decorate this thailand restaurant - a MUST.
  • Dans Le Noir (restaurant), passeig de picasso 10 - phone (+34)932687017. An unique place where you will dine in the dark and where you will let the other senses guide you.
  • La Xina (restaurant), c/ del pintor fortuny 3 - phone (+34)933429628. A fashion chinese restaurant which will merge you to new flavors.
  • Brown33 (restaurant), passeig de gràcia 33 - phone (+34)934675247. A pizza restaurant with a nicely decoration.
  • Torre d'Alta Mar (restaurant), passeig joan de borbó 88 - phone (+34)932210007. Mediterranean food with a great view over the sea.
  • Soho (restaurant), c/ comerç 27 - phone (+34)932682577. A nicely modern sushi place with DJ the friday night at 23h.
  • On Sushi (restaurant), c/ rosselló 154 - phone (+34)934511847. A stylish place where you can enjoy some specialities as the papaya sushi.
  • CDLC Barcelona (restaurant), passeig marítim 32 - phone (+34)932240470. Unbelievable lounge place for dinner and after to dance in its club space.
  • Crosmas (restaurant), c/ corsega 300 - phone (+34)932375731. One of my favorite places, a very nice restaurant to eat tapas located in a quiet square.
  • Miu (restaurant), c/ enric granados 23 - phone (+34)931166167. A japanese tavern lovely decorated with some special sushis which can’t be found in other places.
  • Via dei Mille (restaurant), c/ aragó 364 - phone (+34)932465018. A very good italian restaurant with an authentic taste and before or after to eat, you can go to its lounge section to enjoy a nice cocktail.
  • Up & Down (restaurant), avinguda doctor marañón 17 - phone (+34)934486115. A nice place to dinner meanwhile enjoying a flamenco show then a cocktail in its terrace and to dance in its club section.


  • Sabor Cubano, c/ francisco giner 32 - phone (+34)932173541. A good place to dance salsa, even if you go without a partner, you will meet one. Free entrance.
  • Sutton Music Club, c/ tuset 13 - phone (+34)934144217. A stylish place surrounded by arena-style seating. Music dance/house and free entrance.
  • Maslaos Lounge, c/ enric granados 71 - phone (+34)618874549. Not a lounge but a retro pop decoration. Music pop and free entrance.
  • Mary's Place, c/ casanova 171 - phone (+34)662094937. A nicely and modern decoration all in blue color. Music various and entrance 10€ (1 drink included).
  • Ribelino's, avinguda diagonal 661-671 - phone (+34)934486875. Open at 1AM, before it is only for dinner, enjoy the hot summer dancing on its terrace. Music dj/r&b and free entrance.
  • Antilla BCN Latin Club, c/ aragón, 141 - phone (+34)934512151/4564. A place not only to dance salsa but also to listen live music, moreover they give salsa course. Music salsa and free entrance.
  • Mondo, moll d'espanya (IMAX building) - phone (+34)932213911. All in red color with great view on the sea. Music dj/hip hop/r&b and entrance 12€ (1 drink included).
  • Atlantic Club, c/ lluís muntadas 8 - phone (+34)934182018. Located in a tower built in 1907 with great panoramic views, terrace and garden. Music 70s, 80s and 90s and free entrance.
  • Sotavento Beach Club BCN, passeig marítim 38 - phone (+34)902103848. Great decoration and very big space to dance near the beach. Music jazz/dance and free entrance.

Live music:

  • Barcelona Pipa Club, plaza reial 3. A place for smokers and non smokers to enjoy jam, tango, jazz...
  • 23 Robador, c/ robador 23. Each night, different live music is played (jazz, DJ, flamenco...).
  • L'Or Musical, c/ de l'or 19. Located in the Gracia district, a good place to listen jazz.
  • Jazzman, c/ roger de flor 238. A welcoming place playing jazz but also blues & soul.
  • Mediterraneo, c/ balmes 129. Every night, there is a different live concert.
  • Jazz Si Club, c/ requesens 2. Located in the Raval neighborhood, a place to listen jazz.
  • Sidecar Factory Club, plaza reial 7. You will listen different kinds of music each day.
  • Sala Tango, c/ diputacio 94. A place to dance meanwhile a band is playing.
  • Dalmases Palace, c/ montcada 20. Enjoy a flamenco show or music session in the courtyard of the 17th century.
  • Bar Pastís, c/ santa monica 4. To enjoy different styles of music each night.