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Ski and snowboard near Barcelona

Winter is coming and in spite that, during this period, snow is something rare in the capital of Catalonia because of the temperature which drops rarely under 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy skiing.

If it is true that in Barcelona there is no snow, in its outskirts it is another vision. Some years, snow can be found in Tibidado for example but very fine and it lasts few hours before to melt.

The most affected areas are some villages located in the mountains in which many times, snow can be a problem, enough to do a snow battle, a snowman, little slides...

But no way to create a ski station. For people who are looking a place to pass a winter not so rude, Barcelona is one of the cities that you can plan to pass your days off and by taking the train for example, you are just few hours from the first ski station.

So persons who like skiing like me, we have to go outside of the city. Taking my car, I go to the Pyrenees, normally in one of the stations near Andorra. If you take the road from this city to or after the french frontier, you will find your happiness.

Around this area, you have to be careful because of lot of curves since you have to go up and down mountain roads and also because of some frozen sections. After all, who wants his car to slide and end to a ravine ???

If some roads are dangerous, the police will be there to ask you to put snow chains or forbid totally the traffic for everyone. If you don’t have chains, you have to go back to your hotel but normally, there is a place near them where you can buy one.

Below it is a list of stations near Barcelona where you can go to enjoy skiing and/or surfing:

  • Baqueira Verte is located in the Arán valley area in Lérida province
  • Boí Taüll is located in Boí valley area in Lérida province
  • Espot Esqui is located in Pallars Sobirà area in Lérida province
  • La Molina is located in Cerdanya area in Girona province
  • Masella is located near La Molina so in Cerdanya area in Girona province
  • Port Ainé is located in Pallars Sobirà area in Lérida province
  • Port del Comte is located in the Sierra Querol area in Lleida province
  • Tavascan Pleta del Prat is located in the Mascarida valley in Lleida province
  • Vall de Núria is located in the Queralbs area in Girona province
  • Vallter 2000 is located in the Camprodom valley area in Girona province

Don’t forget to bring your snowsuit if not you have to buy one because majority of shops only allow you to rent the skis.