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During those past years, Barcelona has known a great revolution for the pleasure and the entertainment not only for the citizens but also for the tourists. No matter when you are thinking to come, there is always something to discover and to have fun.

Like many other cities, summer is the best season not because it is hot and sunny every day but for its beach, its mountain and its many festivals. Ya, the summer is very hot so it is really a great thing that everyone can reach easily the sea by walking from the downtown to feel some fresh sea air. Laying on your beach towel, the sun hit very strong so putting a protective cream is really recommended meanwhile you are tanning and

if there is too much heat for you, water is good, not too hot and not too cold, the perfect temperature to swim.

If you prefer the fresh air of the trees, the Collserola Mountain is just few minutes from the downtown by taking the public transport. Here, you will feel the peace of the nature and you will discover its different fauna. The nature park is very big and there are a lot of tracks to do hiking.

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Primavera sound, loop, sonar… are only some of the famous festivals celebrated in this cosmopolitan city and for people who want to experience a traditional party, there are for instance the mecal air festival, the gracia festival, the mas i mas festival… It is the good way to melt with local people and to live the catalan culture and if you want to know which ones are celebrated each month, read my topic Festivals of Barcelona.

One of the things I like the most is its architecture. Each block of buildings is different and walking on its streets, it is a wonder to discover a construction with a design very original and beautiful. From the gothic to the modern style, without forgetting the modernism, your eyes will move nonstop everywhere and your camera will always shoot restlessness.

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The most famous architect is Gaudi and I’m quite sure that you have heard about his Sagrada Familia. OK he is known internationally but there are others who contributed to create a beautiful city like Puig, Domenech… Why not read the different themes of Barcelona I’m proposing and choose the ones which interest you to discover the city by yourself in an interesting walking tour and if you are a movie-goer, don’t hesitate to check the movie itinerary topic.

On the other hand, why not try another kind of tour totally customizable by you. You tell me what you want to do and either I will create an itinerary for you to walk alone or I will walk with you. On the pages Itinerary Designer Barcelona and Itinerary Friend Barcelona, you will find all the information so why not opt for a tapas tour for example.

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Meanwhile walking on its street, make some pause by taking a drink in one of the many bars on la rambla street, a street full of life because there is always people during 24h and it is where you will spot the famous human statues and ask an artist to draw a cartoon of you.

And why not, take also advantage to shop. Surrounding the catalunya square, there are 4 shopping main streets which are passeig de gracia, rambla de catalunya, pelai and angel avenue. During a rainy day, just go to the malls, the best is that you don’t need to go outside of the city, they are just few minutes from the downtown by walking and others by metro. To know all options, read where to shop.

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The city is not only entertainment, with its many museums, it is a good way to improve one’s mind so you haven’t time to get bored specially once you are inside the science museum or the catalonia art museum. At the end of the day, if you have still some strength left, go out because Barcelona lives during night time.

The nightlife of Barcelona is very famous and many people come here for its fashion bars and its lounge clubs. A lot of places are free entrance without paying a high price for a drink so no wonder why there are so much people around the olympic port for example.